Well, at this point everyone's collectively losing it over the possibility that Edward Snowden may have ended up on Bolivian president Evo Morales' flight. Morales was visiting Moscow to talk about energy, being he was the only person among the leaders of the 21 countries Mr Snowden sought asylum from to entertain the idea. After departing Moscow Morales' flight was grounded in Vienna for 14+ hours. This detour was due to France, Spain, Portugal, and Italy all allegedly saying, "Hells nah you're not going through our airspace." (That's my interpretation of what they collectively said) Which lead Bolivia to call shenanigans on the European Imperialism, and they eventually let the plane leave. There are now conflicting reports on whether anyone was actually allowed to search the jet for Mr Snowden because of Morales' presidential immunity. At this point they're over the Atlantic ocean, so the world will have to wait till landing to find out whether there's any veracity to this theory. Meanwhile, Snowden is either here: Live Air-Traffic showing Bolivian Air Force Jet carrying Morales or here: Still in the Russian Airport terminal

co-written by I. Burke a journalist in Moscow